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Measurements in Harsh Operating Environments Measurements in Harsh Operating Environments

This focused activity will improve understanding of how better measurements contribute to the design, development and characterisation of materials and knowledge of how systems operate in extreme environments. This will support the oil and gas, power generation and manufacturing industries.

Many processes in these industries are required to operate in extreme environments, often with high standards of safety and efficiency. These environments can vary and could be corrosive, abrasive, subject to high temperature, pressure, contamination, or any combination of these factors. Measurement technologies and systems that enable accuracy, repeatability and reliability are vital to meeting the growing challenges in this area.

NPL aims to increase the awareness and adoption of best practices in measurements and bring the supply chain together to build new partnerships and collaborations to solve measurement challenges, through a series of workshops, seminars, webinars, reports and other community engagement activities.

Workshop report

A summary of the discussions that took place at the workshop 'Measuring in harsh operating environments: Focus on oil and gas and power generation' held at NPL on 20 March 2013.

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