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Humidity and temperature chamber calibration

Humidity and temperature chambers

NPL offers a mobile service to calibrate or characterise the temperature and humidity performance of climatic chambers.

Benefits of NPL chamber calibration include:

  • Measurements can be performed at customer premises
  • Measurements can be performed with chamber empty or loaded
  • Results can be reported relative to the chamber set value or displayed value
  • Measurements will be made at the chamber centre, and around a specified working space; or at any selected position such as close to the chamber control sensor(s)
  • Humidity measurements can be made at up to nine positions simultaneously, with corresponding temperature measurements

Please enquire for measurement range and size of working space that can be measured.

In-situ hygrometer calibration

Customer hygrometers can also be calibrated in-situ in a customer humidity and temperature controlled chamber, using mobile NPL reference instruments.


Uncertainties stated on certificates are the combination of the values due to the applied condition together with a contribution from the instrument resolution and stability during calibration.

For NPL's dew-point temperature calibration options, see here


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Last Updated: 11 Apr 2017
Created: 15 Apr 2009


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