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Our experienced team provides world-leading research into the development of innovative sensors, standards and measurement solutions, maintains the ITS-90 and delivers calibrations against UK National Standards.

NPL's Temperature & Humidity Group has world-leading expertise and facilities aimed at improving the practical measurement of temperature and humidity. We help establish and maintain the International Temperature Scale of 1990, ITS-90. We support industrial measurements through a wide range of activities including long-term research, industrial partnerships, consultancies, good practice advice, and training. We supply a range of sensors and standards, and we offer calibrations against UK National Standards that are validated through international comparisons.

We provide cost-effective, impartial, quality-assured solutions: from everyday measurements to those at the extremes of sensing technology, such as temperatures above 2000 °C, or humidity at pressure in a range of gases. We work with a variety of sectors including aerospace, manufacturing, space, medical and academia. Our development of ultra-stable thermocouples combined with the world's first UKAS-accredited calibration of high-temperature metal-carbon eutectic fixed-point standards has brought about a step change in the uncertainties and reliabilities achievable.

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