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When faced with the challenges of innovating, quick effective support delivered when you need it the most can make a critical difference to your success.

NPL's Technology Innovation Fund (TIF) can provide bespoke technical support for UK industry to help overcome barriers to innovation. Subsidised support is available for SMEs and MSBs within the TIF programme, allowing for savings of up to 70% per project. To date, NPL has supported over 250 companies, saving a total of 3,600 working days and an average of £15,000 in costs per project.

The TIF programme works by giving companies access to NPL expertise through a Consultancy service - designed as bespoke solution to generate the best value for you, the customer. You can learn more about 'Consultancies' by clicking the plus buttons on the right.

TIF is an ideal way for innovative companies looking to engage with NPL for the first time to access world class expertise and facilities, helping meet the technical challenges for product innovation.

NPL's core mission is to support and work with UK industry. We understand the need for delivering high quality solutions to meet customer needs. To see if TIF is right for you, please complete as much of the online application form as possible and we'll get back in touch.

To learn more, please contact the TIF Manager

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NPL can offer an extensive suite of expertise to develop a bespoke and tailored consultancy, designed solely around delivering a solution to any technical challenges your business may face.

NPL will work with you on any technological issue, from anywhere up to 10 days at a set subsidised rate of £400 per day* - giving a saving of anywhere up to 70%.

Please complete the online form below to register your interest; you will be contacted by an NPL member of staff to discuss the proposed project further.

If you wish to discuss your issues with an NPL expert before completing the form, please contact the Technology Innovation Fund Manager

Please note that all applications are treated in the strictest confidence, and if you still wish to apply but are unsure - please contact the Technology Innovation Fund Manager to discuss confidentiality and IP arrangements.

There are three easy steps to follow:

1. Complete the online form

2. You will then be contacted by an NPL member of staff to discuss it in more detail

3. Agree the conditions of the work, delivery and timescales, and provide supporting documents**

On project completion a consultancy report and any other specific deliverables will be delivered direct to you.

NPL may contact you after the consultancy to agree any potential joint publicity on your project - this will be subject to your approval.

*  There is a set value of £400 per day for SMEs and MSBs
** Please note that all projects will be subject to an internal review

Why work with NPL?

  • Reduces Risk - having access to a large pool of nationally and internationally recognised experts reduces the risks of any product / process or service development as well as improving the quality and traceability of the outcomes delivered.
  • Accelerate Time to Market - NPL's cutting-edge knowledge means advice and support that can significantly accelerate the time to market of any product/ process or service.
  • Credibility - Having NPL's credibility associated with the new or improved product / process or service will help increase the ROI in the innovation.
  • Market Knowledge - NPL's international contacts provide an unmatched line of sight in to global markets and technological developments - broadening the scope of any potential solutions.
  • Standards Knowledge - NPL's knowledge of the standards and accreditation processes gives us a unique advantage when developing solutions - enabling them to withstand the rigorous testing needing to meet global standards.
  • Skilled Data Acquisition - NPL is at the forefront of scientific research and skilled in collecting credible data that is fundamental in making the right business and technical decisions.
  • Bespoke Assistance - Access to an in-built service that enables the outsourcing of work to respected and trusted experts that can be undertaken swiftly and cheaply for a given period of time.
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Supporting climate research and a low carbon future: NPL's Technology Innovation Fund, in conjunction with the Centre for Carbon Measurement, is providing financial support for UK SMEs new to NPL, looking to innovate in the low carbon economy.


Please note that the information will not be divulged to third parties, or used without your permission