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Electrocaloric induced retarded ferroelectric switching.

Buchacher, T, Rokosz, M, Dorey, R*, Allam, J*, Gregory, A P
Appl. Phys. Lett., 2017, 110, (2), 022901
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PDB: 8288 | DDB: 7493
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Periodical article

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Ferroelectric switching is a relatively fast process, occurring on time scales of microseconds and less. In addition to fast switching, ferroelectric materials also exhibit a secondary retarded switching phenomenon occurring on time scales of seconds. This retardation ferroelectric switching phenomenon has previously been attributed to defect induced elevated energy barriers between polarisation states. As ferroelectric switching is a thermally activated process the barrier heights are also largely affected by temperature which is not constant in ferroelectric materials due to the electrocaloric effect. We demonstrate a direct link between retarded ferroelectric switching and electrocaloric effect in soft lead zirconate titanate bulk ceramics.

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