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Aptamer-mediated detection of Thrombin using silver nanoparticle signal enhancement.

Szymanski, M, Noble, J, Knight, A, Porter, R A, Worsley, G J
Anal. Methods, 2013, 19, (1), 187-191
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PDB: 6551 | DDB: 5285
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Periodical article

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We present the first assay combining a dual aptamer sandwich format with detection by anodic stripping voltammetry with ionic silver amplification. This assay format lends itself to rapid point-of-care tests, where the use of aptamers could improve the overall stability of the assay. We have used human alpha-thrombin as a model system, and demonstrate a detection limit of 7.88 µg/L. We present the optimization of the aptamer-silver colloid attachment chemistry and the final assay format to achieve sensitive analyte detection. The use of a sandwich assay coupled with magnetic separation and ionic silver amplification, generates an assay with similar sensitivity than those reported in the literature in a format that can be used in rapid, portable testing regimes.

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