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An Industrial Advisory Group (IAG) is an independent committee of cross sector experts from industry, whose purpose is to guide and monitor the progress of research programmes.

The purpose of the Thermal Performance IAG meetings is to facilitate a focused discussion on the thermophysical properties R&D programme undertaken through government funded projects run by NPL.

Specific benefits to industry include the chance to:

  • Guide and monitor progress of government-funded research programmes
  • Ensure NPL projects are industrially relevant
  • Advise on the business application of knowledge
  • Provide input to future projects and influence NPL strategy
  • Network (of particular benefit to SMEs)
  • See guest presentations from other NPL experts
  • Access sample testing via in-kind contribution of materials
  • Access project outputs (reports, measurement notes)

Typical format:

  • One day meeting
  • Six monthly intervals
  • Multiple sector
  • Lively and open discussion forum
  • Opportunity to visit facilities

This IAG is the focal point for open discussion and views in support of thermal performance projects. In return for early access to technical and progress reports, IAG members are expected to offer advice and assistance towards the delivery of successful projects.

Contact: Jiyu Wu

Thermal Performance


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