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Organic multilayer reference and test materials for depth profiling

Understanding the depth distribution of organic species is of great importance for the manufacture of a number of innovative devices. There are many analytical methods that can measure these depth distributions to varying levels of accuracy and sensitivity. Reference materials are useful to establish the depth scale, depth resolution, sensitivity and linearity of response for these methods and to benchmark performance between different techniques.

NPL has developed a highly useful material for this purpose, which consists of alternating layers of molecular materials. Links to the papers describing the development of this material and papers arising from its use in VAMAS interlaboratory studies are provided at the bottom of the page.

The organic multilayer reference and test materials are produced by vacuum evaporation onto (10 mm x 10 mm) silicon wafers, with a usable area of approximately 8 mm x 8 mm. The nominal VAMAS architecture for samples is four marker layers at 50 nm, 100 nm, 200 nm and 300 nm depths in a matrix of different material. The marker layer thicknesses are 1 nm, 3 nm or 10 nm. Each sample is accompanied by an individual datasheet providing the thickness of each layer calibrated by spectroscopic ellipsometry. The layer thicknesses are produced with better than 0.5 nm precision and a variation in thickness across the sample of better than 1%. Please note that these are not certified reference materials.

OML samples contain Irganox 3114 marker layers in an Irganox 1010 matrix.

OMF samples contain Fmoc-Pentafluoro-L-Phenylalanine marker layers in an Irganox 1010 matrix.

The structures of these compounds are given below:

Organic multilayer reference and test materials for depth profiling: OML

Organic multilayer reference and test materials for depth profiling: OML

The indicative prices for OML and OMF samples with the VAMAS architecture described above are £400 each. Different architectures and layer thicknesses are also available on request.

We are also able to supply uniform single layers of known thickness, typically 50 nm, of Irganox 1010 and other materials on silicon wafers with an indicative price of £100 for four.

Note: Do not expose samples to temperatures higher than 20 ºC for extended periods and never take them up to 40 ºC. We recommend storing the sample in a cool, dark place (e.g. a fridge at less than 5 ºC ). Please wait for at least an hour after removing it from the fridge before opening the sample container in order to allow the sample to return to room temperature.


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