National Physical Laboratory

Drop shape analysis, wettability

High precision contact angle-measuring instrument 

The contact angle measured at the solid liquid interface provides direct information about the solid surface wettability.

Our high precision contact angle-measuring instrument is equipped with the most up-to-date optical system to measure surface tension and energy. It is capable of measuring static contact angles and dynamic advancing, receding contact angles on both hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces. Compared to conventional contact angle measuring instruments, it can create much smaller drops down to 60 micrometer in drop base diameter and 100 picolitres in drop volume, depending on the density and viscosity of the liquid, providing simpler ways to analyse micro-drops and surface wettability mapping.

This instrument can also be used to investigate:

  • Surface treatment
  • Adhesive properties
  • Surface purity
  • Optimisation of a broad variety of coatings
  • QC for wafers and microelectronics


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Last Updated: 5 Mar 2012
Created: 29 May 2009


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