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Melissa Passarelli wins the UKSAF Vickerman Prize

Congratulations to Dr Melissa K Passarelli, who has won the UKSAF Vickerman Prize early stage career award. The award was presented at the UKSAF meeting in Dublin in July 2016.

The Vickerman award is presented to researchers whose work is anticipated to have a major impact in the field of surface analysis. It is intended as a recognition of high quality independent research at an early career stage. It is not restricted to members of the UK Surface Analysis Forum. The award is named after John Vickerman, the founding Chairman of the SIMS Users Forum, in recognition of his pioneering work in SIMS and his leading role in UK surface and interface sciences.

The Vickerman Prize is awarded to Dr Passarelli in recognition of her work in metabolic imaging using mass spectrometry. She leads research in the 3DnanoSIMS project and has established important collaborations with the Francis Crick Institute, GlaxoSmithKline and the University of Surrey, working towards the ambition of realizing 3D imaging with sub-cellular resolution. Her work has attracted funding from the National Measurement System, and has resulted in highly-cited recent publications, including those on lipid imaging with ToF-SIMS, and on an innovative development of the hybrid orthogonal ToF and Orbitrap mass spectrometer for SIMS.

This award recognises Dr Passarelli's success and her commitment to establishing a significant research group and an independent research career.

Last Updated: 8 Aug 2017
Created: 18 Jul 2016


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