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The Interface and Surface Analysis Centre (ISAC) launches at the University of Nottingham

The Interface and Surface Analysis Centre (ISAC) is a collaborative initiative between the University of Nottingham (UoN) and National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Led by Professor Morgan Alexander, it aims to support advanced measurement science at UoN and build upon the pre-existing successes achieved in partnership with NPL.

ISAC functions as a hub of the world-leading surface and interface experts and analytical facilities at both institutions. Its primary aim is to attract, provide and develop top quality research and analysis for, and in collaboration with, commercial partners. The Centre acts as a single access point to the breadth of skills and capabilities available. It is responsible for marketing commercial services, co-ordinating the projects established and reporting to sponsors.

While networking the range of experts at Nottingham and NPL within broad materials science disciplines, ISAC will directly support the genesis of research and commercial projects by the input of three dedicated posts: Dr Misha Zelzer and Dr Josephine Bunch will build on the track record of joint achievements reflected in scientific publication and grant success, while commercial engagement will be developed using a dedicated business manager Dr Matthew Piggott.

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Last Updated: 6 Jan 2014
Created: 3 Jan 2014


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