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Ichiro Mihara's micron scale NiCE-MSI's logo

NPL's Ichiro Mihara has used NiCE-MSI's new FIB-TOF-SIMS (installed in March 2016) to produce a secondary ion mass spectrometry image of the group's logo.

A high resolution Ga focused ion beam was used to draw the logo on to an Irganox1010 film coated on Si wafer.

The image was imported to the TOF-SIMS software and letters were engraved by the FIB.

After FIBing, high resolution imaging analysis was applied, enabling NiCE-MSI's logo to be visualized by overlaying the distribution of Ga (Red) and Irganox1010 signal (blue).

Ichiro's micron level NiCE-MSI logo

Ichiro's micron level NiCE-MSI logo

Ichiro also used the Argon beam to acquire a depth profile of the logo though the sample complete with an animation.

3D rendering of the depth profile of Ichiro's logo

Contact: Ichiro Mihara

Last Updated: 7 Dec 2016
Created: 15 Nov 2016


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