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Strategic ResearchStrategic Research Board

We help strengthen NPL's position as a world leading centre of excellence in metrology and to develop capability, in line with NPL's science and business strategies, to respond to the future requirements of NPL's customers.

Kamal Hossain

Kamal Hossain
Director of Research & International Co-operation

Working Group

Jason Crain

Prof Jason Crain
(Working Group Chair)
Head, Physical & Chemical Sciences

Keith Dobson

Dr Keith Dobson
Head of Business Development

Ian Gilmore

Dr Ian Gilmore
NPL Fellow in Surface & Nanoanalysis

Helen Margolis

Dr Helen Margolis
Principal Research Scientist, Quantum Frequency Standards

Ian Severn

Dr Ian Severn
Head of Acoustics & Ionising Radiation Division

Graham Sims

Dr Graham Sims
Head, Materials & Engineering sciences

Bajram Zeqiri

Dr Bajram Zeqiri
NPL Fellow in Acoustics & Ionising Radiation

Management of Strategic Research

Neil Harrison

SR Programme Manager
T: 020 8943 6443

Tricia Wilson

SR Administrator
T: 020 8943 6326


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