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Software for assessing optical hazard

A software platform initially developed at NPL can assess any light source for its optical radiation safety to ensure they are within limits set by international safety standards.

eyeLIGHT™ can assess any light source to ensure it meets safety standards
eyeLIGHT™ can assess any light source to ensure
it meets safety standards

The software, called eyeLIGHT™, is being sold under NPL license by LUX-TSI, an independent accredited laboratory services company based in Bridgend, UK.

The software was initially developed to allow assessment of novel high power broadband light sources which straddled the international standards for both lasers and non-laser light sources. The potential of the software to check compliance of any light source was recognised at the beginning of the project and the software was offered under licence for commercial exploitation to LUX-TSI.

The Challenge

All existing and emerging lighting technologies to be sold in Europe (CE marked) have to be assessed against international safety standards (such as IEC 62471/CIE S009 - Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems) for any hazard they could pose to the human eye. In addition, in the UK the Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations came into force on 27 April 2010. This is to comply with the European Artificial Optical Radiation directive which aims to prevent workers being exposed to hazardous levels of artificial optical radiation.

Measurement of light sources can be complex, costly and time-consuming, additionally broad approximations sometimes used can limit the use of safe high power light sources. So testing different lighting products could turn into a costly and time-consuming process for lighting companies.

The Solution

eyeLIGHT™ allows lighting manufacturers to assess any kind of light source, be it a laser, an LED, or a lamp, using the same piece of software. And all measurements are directly traceable to the national standards maintained at NPL.

The Impact

The eyeLIGHT™ software could significantly enhance the analysis of new light sources and allow the adoption of new low energy forms of lighting, while understanding any potential hazard they pose.

Using this software will hopefully save lighting manufacturers time and money, and allow them to get their new products to market quicker.

In November 2012 the IET awarded LUX-TSI the Measurement in Action award in recognition of their development of eyeLIGHT™.

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Created: 29 Jan 2013


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