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Measuring up for success

NPL Training assisted Dawson Precision Components to bring employees up to an across-the-board level of competence.

Measuring up for success

The Challenge

Dawson Precision Components (DPC) has a range of skills across its workforce as wide as the bespoke products it develops for its customers. Its operators are all from different backgrounds with varying levels of experience from full apprenticeships to in-house on-the-job training. They have different levels of understanding with regard to technical drawings and use of measuring equipment.

The Solution

DPC invested in NPL Training to bring all these employees up to an across-the-board level of competence. The course demonstrated that the simplest way of measuring a particular feature is not always possible due to reasons such as feature size and accessibility. As a result, employees learnt to consider the inaccuracies of the measuring equipment being used even when operating the most advanced instruments on the market.

The Impact

The benefits that the operators came away with include a clearer understanding of geometric symbols and tolerances; increased confidence in inspecting various components; a collective understanding of how to interpret drawings to avoid confusion and an appreciation of the conditions or inaccuracies that can affect measurement as a whole.

The course provided benefits in all areas of DPC Quality Control - increasing production efficiency, accuracy and, ultimately, ensuring customer satisfaction.

"The NPL Training undertaken recently by eight personnel was very successful for DPC as, although all personnel on the course were skilled engineers, their knowledge and understanding of tolerances, inaccuracies and measuring techniques were greatly improved giving them increased confidence and subjectivity to take back to the shop floor," said Simon Dawson, Managing Director, Dawson Precision Components.

"We plan now to roll out Level 1 NPL Training throughout the factory and also to progress key personnel to Level 2."

"The NPL Training undertaken recently was very successful."

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