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Guiding the way

NPL's dimensional measurement group are leading the way in helping UK companies benefit from NPL's wealth of expert knowledge.

Guiding the way

Over the years NPL scientists have written over 100 guides, which are intended to help people working within the metrology industry recognise the best working practices in given technical areas.

Continuing technological advances within the metrology field mean that people working in the industry do not necessarily need to know all about the principles of measurement in order to get the job done. In the same way that a lot of people use a calculator to do very basic maths instead of doing it in their heads. This lack of basic understanding of measurement principles can lead to poor decision-making, and expensive mistakes.

NPL have recognised this need for the UK metrology workforce to develop their dimensional measurement skills, and have responded by developing a training programme to help people achieve this.

The training programme supplements the material contained in the dimensional guides, with the latter being by far the most popular resource on NPL's website. Recent research has shown that 80% of the UK's leading aerospace companies use NPL's guides. In 2006 alone, nearly 2,000 copies of Fundamental Good Practice Guide in Dimensional Metrology were downloaded (nearly twice as many copies as the next most popular guide). This represents a large population within the UK metrology workforce who are benefiting from NPL's effective dissemination of dimensional knowledge.

To build on the successes of the dimensional measurement group, NPL is looking to expand its training programme to cover other technical areas.

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Last Updated: 18 Nov 2013
Created: 18 Oct 2010


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