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Drug delivery

NPL's Nanoanalysis team have broadened the understanding of controlled release drug systems by constructing layered organic films.

Drug delivery

Controlled release drug systems are medications that are contained within a material that can be broken down gradually by the body. Bit by bit, the drug is released into the body as the material breaks down.

It is essential in any controlled release of a drug that the levels are maintained over time, so that the patient receives enough of the drug for it to work but not too much that could potentially harm them.

Designers of drug delivery systems need to know the distribution of drug in a device to ensure that the correct release rate is achieved.

NPL scientists are developing depth profiling techniques to measure the distribution of a drug within the film more accurately than ever before. This increased accuracy in depth profiling techniques will enable scientists to improve the way drugs are delivered.

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Last Updated: 12 Jun 2014
Created: 30 Sep 2010


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