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UK hospital nuclear medicine proficiency test exercises

Image courtesy of iStockphoto
Image courtesy of iStockphoto

The aim of these exercises is to assess the performance of UK hospitals' nuclear medicine departments to assay the dose administered to patients undergoing diagnostic and therapeutic treatments, via the use of a Radionuclide Calibrator. Participation is voluntary and results are coded for anonymity.

Details of tests

Samples are dispatched to participants, who perform analyses and submit their results to NPL.

At the end of each exercise, a detailed report is published and the results discussed at meetings of the Radionuclide Calibrator Users Forum (RCUF). RCUF meetings are a regular national forum for discussion and technology transfer in the field of Nuclear Medicine, and are typically held around every 18 months at NPL.

During these meetings, the difficulties encountered by the analysts and the content of the next comparison exercise are discussed, along with other current topics of interest in the field of Nuclear Medicine.

Previous comparison exercises

Reports of previous exercises can be downloaded using the links below:

Nuclide Year NPL Report No
123I 1996 CIRM 17
67Ga 1996 CIRM 12
111In 1997 CIRM 1
192Ir 1997 CIRM 9
131I 1999 CIRM 31
123I 2000 CIRM 38
192Ir 2000 CIRM 44
201Tl 2001 CIRM 47
89Sr 2003 DQL RN12
99mTc 2006 DQL RN18


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