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Standards of radioactive surface contamination for the calibration of surface contamination monitors

Standards of radioactive surface contamination

Accurate surface emission rate measurements of surface contamination reference sources are required for the calibration of area survey monitors for compliance with the requirements of the UK legislation.

NPL's primary and secondary large area proportional counters are capable of calibrating a range of alpha and beta reference sources to Class 1 and Class 2 standards as outlined in ISO8769:1988.

AWE operates a calibration service for photon reference sources.

Details of service

  • UKAS accredited service for the absolute surface emission rate calibration of reference sources of a rectangular or circular shape within the dimension range 170 mm x 120 mm x 6 mm and with count-rates in the range 10 – 103 counts per second.

  • Calibration of sources outside the scope of the UKAS accreditation is available by both primary and secondary methods.


Calibrations are available throughout the year by arrangement.


Customer Service tel: +44 20 8943 8695

Last Updated: 7 Nov 2011
Created: 28 May 2009


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