National Physical Laboratory

Consultancy services


NPL can provide advice on a range of radioactivity measurement problems. This includes (but is not limited to) nuclear data, radiochemistry, decommissioning, laboratory accreditation and instrument calibration and characterisation.

Technical enquiries needing less than two hours' work are free of charge, and can often be dealt with immediately. Consultancies are available for work of greater scope. They are usually funded directly by customers, but joint funding may be available via a scheme such as the Technology Innovation Fund.

Recent examples of consultancies

  • Clearance of potentially contaminated material in compliance with the Nuclear Industry Code of Practice (NICoP)

  • Assisting an overseas laboratory in preparing for ISO 17025 accreditation


Customer Service tel: +44 20 8943 8695

Last Updated: 7 Nov 2011
Created: 28 May 2009


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