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ARMUG Terms of Reference


The Forum shall aim to facilitate the exchange of information about UK air monitoring facilities and measurement techniques and the efficient use of those facilities by the user base. It shall represent members’ interests in discussions and correspondence with expert bodies in the field of air monitoring.


The Forum shall:

  • encourage, by all means which shall be deemed appropriate and practical, good practice in measurement, including traceability to national standards.
  • hold regular meetings to discuss matters of common interest relating to calibration and measurement, including analysis techniques.
  • facilitate continuous improvement in assessment techniques.
  • maintain and disseminate a register of UK air monitoring facilities and services subject to the user's approval.


Members shall be representatives of UK establishments or organisations actively involved in research and measurements in the field of air monitoring, together with representatives of manufacturers of instruments and artefacts pertaining to such measurements.


The Forum shall be managed by NPL, assisted by advisory committees drawn from and established according to the wishes of the members. Those responsible for the management of the ARMUG shall take due account of views of the members. NPL shall provide the Chairman and Secretary of the ARMUG.


There shall be no annual subscription but NPL shall reserve the right to make a charge for organising meetings, producing reports and providing services.


Neither NPL nor the ARMUG nor any member thereof shall be responsible for any consequence arising from the activities of the ARMUG.

NPL makes no warranty or representation that the use of any information arising from the ARMUG will not infringe the rights of third parties but, if NPL staff whilst engaged on the ARMUG become aware of any apparent infringement, NPL will inform the member.

NPL accepts no responsibility for the use made of any information from the running of the ARMUG either by a member or by any third party who has obtained any of the said information, directly or indirectly from the member, except to the extent that NPL can be shown to have been negligent in providing such information.

Last Updated: 9 May 2012
Created: 17 Apr 2007


Please note that the information will not be divulged to third parties, or used without your permission