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Audits: Radiotherapy reference dosimetry

MV audit measurements
Setting up for MV audit measurements in
a radiotherapy centre

NPL audit services for therapy level MV photons, electrons and medium energy X-rays based on the UK IPEM codes of practice are available by arrangement.

  • An audit at a single quality consists of a beam quality check, output measurement and field instrument calibration.
    (Paperwork, data recording by the centre, procedures etc are NOT examined.)

  • An audit in a single modality takes several hours, depending on how many qualities are examined.

  • The audits are arranged at the centre's convenience, and can be performed after normal working hours or at weekends, if required.

  • Audit using the the postal Alanine service is also available.

  • Price on application.


Customer Service tel: +44 20 8943 8695

Last Updated: 9 Aug 2016
Created: 13 Oct 2008


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