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Mail-order alanine reference dosimetry service for radiation processing

There is a growing demand for gamma and electron beam radiation processing of medical, pharmaceutical and food products with even more precise dose delivery, often customised to meet specific sterilisation requirements.

Irradiation sterilisation plants with ever faster turn-round times and higher capacities require the highest standards in validation and quality control. In addition, EN/ISO Standard 11137 and US FDA GMPs demand dosimetry traceable to recognised national standards when sterilising by irradiation.

Mail-Order Reference Dosimetry 

NPL delivers traceable dosimetry to your irradiation plant

NPL's top quality chemical dosimetry service provides:

  • Internationally recognised calibrations traceable to NPL, the UK's national standards laboratory
  • A fast reliable mail-order service on demand
  • Specialist applications and consultancy advice on dosimetry

Over 25 years' experience supplying dosimeters to North America, Europe and the Far East has led to a service designed to meet your requirements for traceable dose measurement. Chemical dosimeters produced by NPL are mailed to your plant for irradiation, after which they are returned to NPL for measurement and certification of dose received. Dosimeters are available on demand throughout the year. Our service is complemented by a team of experienced dosimetry specialists providing expert advice to help you achieve maximum accuracy with your dose measurements.

Mail-Order Reference Dosimetry spec 

Bring confidence, convenience and traceability to your radiation dosimetry by contacting NPL today.


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Last Updated: 9 Aug 2016
Created: 25 Sep 2008


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