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Hire of X-ray facilities

The suite of X-ray facilities at NPL consists of three industrial and two clinical sets, covering a wide range of energies and applications.

Low and medium energy X-rays

Low and Medium energy X-rays

NPL has three industrial X-ray sets providing X-rays in the range of 8 to 420 kV. These facilities are at the heart of the provision and development of the NPL calibration services for protection, therapy and diagnostic level secondary standard dosemeters and the calibration of kVp meters.

The first facility is equipped with an 8 to 50 kV X-ray generator and both a tungsten targeted tube and molybdenum-targeted tube The second facility is equipped with a 40 to 320 kV X-ray generator with a 40 to 320 kV tungsten targeted tube. The third facility is equipped with a 40 to 420 kV X-ray generator with both a 40 to 150 kV tungsten targeted tube and a 40 to 420 kV tungsten targeted tube.

Mammographic & Diagnostic X-rays

In addition to the industrial X-ray facilities, NPL also has two clinical X-ray machines, a 40 to 150 kV diagnostic unit and a 20 to 35 kV mammographic unit. The new sets are high frequency X-ray machines typical of the type used in hospitals and clinics for general diagnostic and mammographic X-ray examinations. These sets allow NPL to simulate more closely the typical qualities used in these hospitals and clinics, thus enabling NPL to offer a kVp meter calibration service more suited to the requirements of the customer.

Mammographic and diagnostic X-rays

All the X-ray facilities benefit from automated carriages, which run on rails in the exposure rooms to allow precise remote positioning of detectors in the beam. A telescope mounted in the exposure room assists in aligning objects with the beam axis. The measurement equipment and the carriage controls in each facility are interfaced to a computer, which allows fully automated operation.

The facilities benefit from close temperature control, low scatter and electrical screening. The shielding also allows an un-collimated brachytherapy source to be used in these exposure rooms.

The X-ray sets are in regular use for radiography, including imaging antiques and works of art.

All the X-ray facilities are available for hire along with dosimetry expertise, if required.


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