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Clinical linac beam data acquisition

Clinical linac beam

Linac commissioning is a time-consuming process. NPL now offers support in the form of staff time and equipment to assist in the beam data acquisition part of commissioning.

NPL can provide:

  • IBA Blue Phantom2 with OmniPro Accept software
  • IBA Stereotactic diodes
  • PTW Pinpoint chambers
  • IBA CC13 chambers
  • Parallel plate chambers (PTW Roos and NACP-02)
  • Secondary standard electrometers for relative output measurements
  • 1-2 staff on-site for 2-3 weeks as required

Typical data acquired:

  • Profiles and depth dose
  • Photon and electron beams
  • Open and wedged fields
  • Relative output measurements

Photon and electron independent verification audits are also available prior to release of a machine for clinical use.


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Last Updated: 9 Aug 2016
Created: 28 Nov 2011


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