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Secondary standard electrometers (charge and/or current)

A calibration service for electrometers for use with secondary standard ionisation chambers is available on demand.

  • Electrometers used for radiotherapy applications should meet the requirements of 'IPEM recommendations on dosemeter systems for use as transfer instruments between the UK primary dosimetry standards laboratory (NPL) and radiotherapy centres', Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) 2000, Phys. Med. Biol.,45 pp 2445-57

  • An electrometer can be submitted on its own for calibration at any time or with an associated secondary standard ionisation chamber during annual calibration periods for therapy level, brachytherapy or protection level instruments.

  • Turnaround time approximately two weeks if calibrated alone.

  • Calibrations in terms of charge and/or current as appropriate.

  • Uncertainty of calibration is estimated to be ± 0.2 % (k=2).


Customer Service tel: +44 20 8943 8695

Last Updated: 9 Aug 2016
Created: 13 Oct 2008


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