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We provide world-class research, calibrations, specialised measurement services and training for the dosimetry of ionising radiation in cancer therapy, diagnostics and industrial sterilisation for medicine and pharmaceutics.


Industrial Dosimetry

Ionising Radiation Modelling

NPL offers consultancies, collaborations and training, based on our scientists' wealth of experience in Monte Carlo radiation modelling and other modelling techniques.

Radiation Protection


Facility Hire

  • NPL's three Co-60 self-shielded irradiators are available for the irradiation of dosimeters or investigations, and tests of materials. The irradiators provide Co-60 gamma-ray fields covering dose rates from 0.4 Gy/min to 225 Gy/min.
  • The protection level gamma-ray facility at NPL has a multi-source, collimated irradiator situated in a large electrically screened, temperature-controlled exposure room.
  • A therapy level Co-60 Gamma-ray facility is maintained by NPL’s Radiation Dosimetry group and is available for hire for short or long term gamma-ray irradiations with supporting dosimetry and technical services if required.
  • The suite of X-ray facilities at NPL consists of three industrial and two clinical sets, covering a wide range of energies and applications.


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