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Nanomagnetism Nanomagnetism

Developing experimental techniques for applicable measurement of small magnetic fields.

We have developed a range of experimental techniques for measurements and visualisation of small magnetic fields/moments. Projects include:

Domain wall-based magnetic sensors thumbnail [100x74]   Domain wall-based magnetic sensors
Novel Hall sensors made of epitaxial graphene thumbnail [100x74]   Novel Hall sensors made of epitaxial graphene
Hybrid ferromagnetic - superconducting spintronics thumbnail [100x74]   Hybrid ferromagnetic - superconducting spintronics
Magnetic scanning probe calibration using graphene Hall sensors thumbnail [100x74]   Magnetic scanning probe calibration using graphene Hall sensors
Standardization of MNP applications thumbnail [100x74]   Standardization of MNP applications

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Recent publications

See Quantum Detection Publications for the full list of papers.

Invited, keynote and international presentations


  • MRS Fall meeting, Nov-Dec 2017, Boston, USA
    • Invited talk: Smart Magnetic Probes with Controllable States for Quantitative MFM
  • Institute Neel, May 2017, Grenoble, France
    • Colloquium: Domain-wall based magnetic nanosensors for metrology and Life Science applications
  • Intermag, Apr 2017, Dublin, Ireland
    • Invited talk: Angular Magnetoresistance of Nanowires with Alternating Cobalt and Nickel Segments


  • 13th Joint Intermag-MMM conference, San Diego, CA, January 2016
    • Talk: Detection of a magnetic bead by hybrid nanodevices using scanning gate microscopy
    • Talk: MFM with controllable state of magnetic probes
    • Talk: Manipulation of the ferromagnetic proximity effect using controllable magnetic source
    • Poster (Best Poster award): Detection of magnetization reversal and domain wall position by anomalous Nernst effect measurements


  • 20th International Conference on Magnetism (ICM 2015), Barcelona, Spain, July 2015
    • Talk: Scanning gate microscopy of domain wall nanosensor
    • Talk: Domain Wall Nanosensors Based on Ultra-thin CoFeB Films
  • EMN 2015, San Sebastian, Spain, September 2015
    Invited talk: Novel graphene-based nanosensors
  • ANMM 2015, Iasi, Romania, September 2015
    Invited talk: Domain-wall based magnetic nanosensors

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Image gallery

  • Anomalous Nernst device with CoFeB nanowire for magnetic nanoparticle detection
  • MFM image of Ni heat pads used in ferromagnet/superconductor junctions
  • Magnetic bead on an L-shape domain wall sensor
  • Magnetic sphere attached to an SPM probe
  • Large array of iron oxide nanoparticles on a silicon substrate
  • NdFeB spherical beads
  • NdFeB micromagnets: variety of sizes and shapes
  • NdFeB magnetic beads
  • Permalloy (Ni-Fe alloy) magnetic Penrose pattern

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