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Secondment hosting within Quantum Detection

Alessandra Manzin & Vahid Nabaei - QD secondeesThe Quantum Detection group has been hosting two secondees for mathematical modelling of magnetic sensors.

Both from INRIM, Alessandra Manzin was here for three weeks and her PhD student Vahid Nabaei is here for five weeks. The secondment is closely aligned with the Nanomagnetism NMS project as well as with the EMRP Project MetMags Metrology for Advanced Industrial Magnetics.

The research is motivated by studies of novel magnetic sensors for metrological applications in biology and medicine. In this context, particular attention has been devoted to the design of miniaturised devices for the detection of magnetic beads with functionalised surface. These can be used as labels for biomolecular targeting, sample purification and cell manipulation.

The purpose of the secondment is the numerical modelling of a new family of magnetic sensors based on Hall effect and domain wall displacement. This modelling should provide useful indications for optimization and performance improvements. The proposed activity has a direct impact on the phases of fabrication and characterisation, representing a valid support for the design of high-sensitivity sensor elements for metrological and medical applications. Secondments have been very successful; their outcomes stimulated a great deal of discussion and new experiments within the group. The first manuscript on microscopic mapping of magnetic properties of epitaxial graphene sensors is already being prepared.

Contact: Olga Kazakova

Last Updated: 16 Jul 2012
Created: 25 May 2012


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