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IOP publishes special issue on nanoSQUIDs

Ling Hao (NPL's Quantum Detection Group), as an invited guest editor, with Carmine Granata (Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems, Naples, Italy), has produced a special issue of the Institute of Physics (IOP) journal Superconductor Science and Technology on Focus on nanoSQUIDs and their applications.

NanoSQUIDs (Nanoscale Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices) have great potential for future applications in smart sensing and for Quantum Technologies. This special issue highlights recent development across the field of nanoSQUIDs and their application. The issue reports advances in nanoSQUID design, fabrication, performance and their applications including nanomagnetism, ultra-high spatial resolution magnetic microscopy and other intriguing topics of material science and condensed matter, and highlights the real potential of these quantum nanosensors.

The issue contains a topical review on 'Dispersive nanoSQUID Magnetometry' dealing with further developments towards microwave interrogation of SQUIDs, as well as 11 other papers describing the rapid progress made in the development of nanoSQUIDs for ultra-sensitive measurements, over the past decade. Ling and Carmine have added a preface to the issue, summarising the important areas of present and future activities. NanoSQUID operation is reported from the millikelvin region to liquid nitrogen temperatures, using novel materials such as YBCO and MgB2. The circuits described range from simple research platforms to sophisticated multi-layer circuitry involving complex field and feedback coils (see Figures (a) and (b) below). A truly international list of authors present their results, impacting from quantum limited nanoSQUIDs through magnetic nanoparticle measurements to scanning SQUID microscopy.

(a) (b)
IOP publishes special issue on nanoSQUIDs

(a) A prototype Ti-Au bilayer nano-SQUID by e-beam lithography.

(b) SEM image of nanoSQUID current sensor using conventional Nb/AlOx/Nb trilayer technology and optimised for 4K operation.

Contact: Prof Ling Hao

Last Updated: 11 Jul 2017
Created: 11 Jul 2017


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