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Inspiring lecture delivered at the London Oratory School

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Following a successful outreach visit, we received an account of JT Janssen's trip from one of the students at the London Oratory School

The report (included below) is a great example of how public engagement activities can have a positive impact.

"My school runs a Science Society and the sixth form students invite lecturers in to widen our scientific knowledge. We were absolutely delighted for Dr JT Janssen to be our first speaker of the year. I emailed JT in early September and through liaison with the school we set a date.

"October saw the school covered in posters and interest grew: Einstein in a pencil tip - the remarkable properties of the most common element. What was the most common element? What is graphene and could it actually make my phone that small?

"Finally, 8 November arrived and we had 40 sixth form science and design students (and to my surprise a couple of fourth formers) waiting to learn more about the material that won the Nobel prize. A very interesting talk followed. We learnt what graphene was; how it was discovered (with a fascinating and amusing digression into Andre Geim's other discoveries); what it could be used for; and the research into it at NPL. Lots of questions were asked, and feedback from both students and teachers was very positive. JT was engaging and pitched the talk perfectly to an A level student. I know several physicists of the future who attended, and hope to talk about the lecture at their university interviews!

"Overall, we all had a very enjoyable and stimulating evening and I would like to thank JT once again for coming to speak to us."

Lucy Kitchen, Upper Sixth, London Oratory School

Last Updated: 17 Aug 2015
Created: 16 Nov 2011


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