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Graphene & 2-D Materials Conference 2014 (image courtesy of iStockphoto) 12–13 November 2014
Graphene & 2-D Materials Conference: From Research to Applications

Following on from the highly successful NPL Graphene Conference in 2012, the 2014 conference aimed to address some of the new concepts of graphene applications, metrology and technology.

NPL hosted the 'Graphene & 2-D Materials Conference: From Research to Applications 2014' at our facilities in Teddington, UK. As well as a full range of international speakers, the following exhibitors registered for a stand:

  • Oxford Instruments
  • 2-DTech Ltd
  • Renishaw plc
  • Semimetrics Ltd
  • Haydale Ltd
  • M Squared Lasers
  • Cryogenic Ltd

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Invited Speakers

Key international experts speaking at the conference included:

  • James Baker (National Graphene Institute, Manchester, UK)
  • Liam Britnell (BGT Materials Ltd, Manchester, UK)
  • Kurt Gaskill (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
  • Shu-Jen Han (IBM Research Division, Thomas J Watson Research Center, New York, USA)
  • Thomas Seyller (TU Chemitz, Germany)
  • Amaia Zurutuza (Graphenea, Spain)

Conference programme

  • Metrology and Standardisation
  • Large Scale Growth & Characterisation of Graphene
  • Graphene for High Frequency Electronics
  • Graphene for Flexible Electronics, Sensors & Composites
  • Graphene Stakeholders Association - Innovation and Commercialisation

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Customer feedback from the conference survey shows that attendees rated the quality of the event:

Quality of
the event
Average score
out of 5
Academic 4
Industry 5
Other 4


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