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Mathematics in support of the Centre for Carbon Measurement

The activities of the Centre for Carbon Measurement at NPL embrace a broad range of projects that are related to climate change and carbon reduction technologies. The Mathematics & Modelling Group, in this context, provides quantification of carbon emissions in various systems under consideration.

For example, the project on carbon savings in smart infrastructure develops a family of mathematical models for estimation of carbon emissions in electrical systems. When it is possible to optimise the system and reduce emissions, the carbon saving are quantified, with estimation of uncertainty - using Monte Carlo simulations and GUM methodology.

One of the types of engagements with external customers is assessment of innovative SMEs that develop new web applications and software gadgets. Another example of ourengagement with industrial partners is the current Nesta competition, where several engineering groups are developing demand side response (DSR) innovations for the UK energy industry. NPL and the Centre for Carbon Measurement participate in such assessments, and we play an important role in mathematical quantification of carbon emissions for the case studies. For these projects, the Group works on the frontiers of science and technological innovation, driven by governmental incentives for a greener Britain. Thus, the scientists of the Mathematics & Modelling Group are working in the focal point of joint efforts of science, industry and government.

Last Updated: 8 Apr 2014
Created: 8 Apr 2014


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