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Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement

Title: Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement
Lead Scientist: Peter Harris
Team members: Elena Barton, Maurice Cox, Alistair Forbes, Peter Harris, Valerie Livina, Clare Matthews, Ian Smith
Duration: July 2014 to June 2017
Funding: UK National Measurement System
Materials and Modelling Programme

Traceable measurement depends on valid uncertainty evaluation, and all uncertainty evaluation depends on a measurement model and a computational approach to perform the evaluation. The 'Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement' (GUM) is the primary document regarding measurement uncertainty evaluation. It provides a framework and procedure for evaluating and expressing measurement uncertainty that is applied at National Metrology Institutes, calibration and testing laboratories, and in industry.

Working Group 1 'Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)' of the Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology (JCGM) has responsibility for maintaining and promoting the GUM. It has published two specific guidance documents (or Supplements to the GUM) on, respectively, a Monte Carlo method for measurement uncertainty evaluation and extensions to any number of measurands that extend the applicability of the GUM to a wider set of uncertainty evaluation problems. It is also planned to produce a further Supplement on developing and using measurement models in the context of uncertainty evaluation. The Supplements are part of a set of documents that include published documents giving an introduction to the GUM and on the role of measurement uncertainty in conformity assessment, as well as planned documents describing concepts and basic principles and on applications of the least-squares method. The documents are published by the member organizations of the JCGM, which are BIPM, IEC, IFCC, ILAC, ISO, IUPAC, IUPAP and OIML.

The project will make major contributions to JCGM-WG1 to complete: (a) a new edition of the GUM (JCGM 100); (b) an examples document (JCGM 110); and (c) a modelling supplement (JCGM 103), and to influence other JCGM documents. Knowledge transfer activities, in the form of papers, articles, presentations, training and software, will be undertaken to support users in applying the JCGM documents. The project will seek to influence and support other international and national standardisation and accreditation bodies, including ISO, BSI and UKAS, especially through leadership of relevant ISO and BSI committees, and relationships with UKAS.

Papers and reports:

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Last Updated: 15 Jul 2014
Created: 15 Jul 2014


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