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On-site calibration and verification of compressive and tensile testing machines

Industrial force calibration machineIndustrial force calibration machine Industrial chain testing machineIndustrial chain testing machine 

On-site calibration of tension and compression force testing machines, to BS EN ISO 7500-1, and on-site high accuracy calibration of tension and compression force calibration machines to provide UKAS force laboratories with traceability to national standards.

NPL calibrates compressive and tensile machines at customers’ premises in both the UK and abroad. Verifications are undertaken using NPL's force transfer standard transducers which are directly traceable to the UK’s national standards.

Applications of this service include marine chain testing, offshore weighing, nuclear power plant component testing and the aerospace industry.

NPL offers the following:

  • Calibration in tension up to 8 MN to ISO 7500-1 and ASTM E 4
  • Calibration in compression up to 30 MN to ISO 7500-1 and ASTM E 4
  • Calibration to customers’ own requirements and procedures
  • Experienced calibration staff

Industrial force standards

NPL can assist laboratories in gaining accreditation for their force calibration services. NPL can help in the following ways:

  • Verification of industrial force standard machines over the range 1.5 N to 30 MN in compression and 1.5 N to 8 MN in tension
  • Provision of advice on all aspects of metrology supported by the expertise of scientists working in many different areas of measurement science


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Last Updated: 27 Feb 2012
Created: 18 Nov 2009


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