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Manufacture and supply of transducers

Manufacture and supply of transducersSelection on NPL designed and manufactured force 

NPL has designed and offers a large range of specialist high accuracy load cells ideal for use as transfer standards. NPL also offer a specialist service in producing and developing load cells to meet customers' specific requirements.

NPL was one of the first organisations to produce strain gauge load cells and has been involved in their development for over 40 years. NPL has applied this expertise to the design and manufacture of load cells for many customers who have been unable to satisfy their requirements using commercially available load cells.

NPL offers the following services:

  • A standard range of high accuracy load cells from 500 kN to 30 MN

  • Custom design and manufacture of load cells

  • High-capacity low-profile load cells

  • In-house calibration of the supplied load cell

  • Complete system comprising DC ratio meter, force transducer, and calibration


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Last Updated: 19 Mar 2015
Created: 21 May 2009


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