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Density Facility 3

NPL's wide range of facilities and knowledge means that NPL is well positioned to meet your calibration and training requirements.

NPL's four hydrostatic weighing rigs, two of them fully automatic, provide a solid density measurement service for items of mass from 5 g to 20 kg. Both regular and non-regular shaped artefacts can be accommodated.

Where the artefact cannot be immersed in water, NPL is able to measure the density of artefacts of mass approximately 100 g to 1 kg by weighing in an inert gas over a small pressure range.

For liquid density measurements two facilities exist. A vibrating cell density meter can be used where only a small liquid sample is available. Alternatively, where the highest accuracy is required, the density of the liquid can be determined by weighing a solid volume standard in the liquid.

If training is required, NPL can offer this for either individuals or groups. This can be either in terms of a formal training course or, in what is becoming increasingly popular, by working alongside NPL staff for one or more weeks. Typically, training in the density area is run in conjunction with training in mass metrology.

Last Updated: 11 Dec 2012
Created: 7 Sep 2007


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