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New high temperature expansion measurements on piezoelectric materials

The NPL high temperature interferometer is now operational and initial results have been obtained on thermal expansion measurements.

Thermal expansion of PZT at first and second heating
Thermal expansion of PZT at first and second heating

This system has the capability to measure the total expansion of a piezoelectric material, including contributions from thermal expansion and piezoelectric strain. In ferroelectric materials such as PZT, these two effects are closely coupled through the temperature dependent polarisation. The figure above shows how, on first heating, a negative expansion is observed, associated with the thermal depolarisation. On second heating the sample is depoled so overall expansion is positive, but different above and below the Curie temperature. The interferometers at NPL, PTB and aixACCT provide complementary capability, covering different functionality, temperature ranges and degrees of accuracy.

Last Updated: 18 Sep 2017
Created: 11 Mar 2015


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