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High Temperature Piezoelectric Metrology Workshop in Slovenia

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EMRP project METCO held a successful one day workshop on high temperature piezoelectric materials and measurement alongside the Piezo2015 conference in Maribor, Slovenia (from 25-28 January 2015).

The workshop was attended by nearly 50 people, with 35% from industry, including major European companies and SMEs. Presentations from project partners and collaborators NPL, PTB, aixACCT, Ionix, University of Leeds (REG), provided in-depth coverage of high temperature piezoelectric measurements, including resonance and interferometry, comparison of measurement methods, uncertainties and best practice. The workshop included industry speakers covering commercial developments in high temperature piezoelectric materials.

Presentations from the workshop are available on YouTube

Further information on the METCO project can be found here, or by contacting

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2015
Created: 12 Mar 2015


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