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Testing materials in harsh environments - corrosion (e.g. aqueous, H2S, steam)

Corrosion measurement facilities 

Corrosion measurement facilities

NPL has extensive facilities for environment assisted cracking and corrosion/electrochemical testing at ambient and elevated temperatures. A range of tests is carried out for industry to evaluate materials used upstream in sour environments.

Stress corrosion cracking testing in chloride and sulphide environments is complemented by hydrogen-induced cracking tests on materials used topside and for downhole components.

A two litre flow-loop has now been commissioned to enable the evaluation of inhibitors, etc. under various flow-line conditions.

Specific research and testing is carried out on materials used in hydrocarbon production from drill head to refinery intake.

There are two laboratories dedicated to H2S testing and tests are conducted to most of the common ISO, ASTM and NACE standards.


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