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  • Edge flaking - similarity between quasistatic indentation and impact mechanisms for brittle materials
    Morrell, R.
    submitted to Fractography of Advanced Ceramics 2004, Stara Lesne, Slovakia, October 2004
  • Fracture toughness testing for advanced technical ceramics -
    internationally agreed good practice

    Morrell, R.
    presented at IOM3 congress, April 2004, and submitted to Brit. Ceram. Trans., 2006
  • Fractography of advanced ceramics - the CEN Prestandard
    Morrell, R., Kübler, J.J.
    in Proc. Conf. Fractography of Advanced Ceramics, Stara Lesne, Slovakia, May 2001, edited by J Dusza, Trans Tech Publ., Ütikon-Zürich, Switzerland, 2002, Key Eng. Mater. 223, 19-26
  • Nanostructured ceramics: a review of their potential
    Cain, M.G., Morrell, R.
    Appl. Organometall. Chem., 2001, 15 321-30
  • Hardness testing on advanced technical ceramics
    Ullner, Ch., Germak, A., Le Doussal, H., Morrell, R., Reich, T., Vandermeulen, W.
    J. Eur. Ceram. Soc., 2001 20, 439-51
  • Fractography of ceramic femoral heads
    Morrell, R., Byrne, W.P., Murray, M.
    presented at Fractography of Ceramics and Glass IV, July 2000, Ceram. Trans. 122, 253-66
  • Biaxial disc flexure - modulus and strength testing
    R. Morrell, N J McCormick, J Bevan, M Lodeiro, J Margetson
    IoM Ceramics Convention, April 1998, Royal Agricultural College,
    Brit Cer. Proc., 59, 31-44, and Brit Ceram. Trans. 1999, 98(5), 234-40
  • CEN/VAMAS phase volume fraction round robin
    Hendrix, M, Bennett, E.G., Morrell, R., Dortmans, L.J.M.G., de With, G.
    British Ceramics Transactions, 1998, 76(6), 293-6

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