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Creation of nanoparticle liquid suspensions from powder samples

Characterisation of nanoparticles aerosolised from powder

Developing protocols to disperse nanoparticles from powder samples into liquids is a key requirement for a wide range of applications from the formulation of cosmetic ingredients for personal care applications to preparation of dispersions for toxicological investigations.

However, achieving successful dispersion for a specific end application is not a trivial task, as nanoparticles tend to form very strong agglomerates.

NPL's wide knowledge and range of facilities enables us to develop appropriate nanoparticle dispersion methods tailoring our approach to your specific requirements:

  • Dispersing and deagglomerating nanoparticles in aqueous solutions
  • Characterisation of nanomaterial dispersions in aqueous solutions
  • Assessment, development and evaluation of different dispersion protocols in aqueous media (to include dispersion stability testing)
  • Investigation of inter-particle forces and particle surface chemistry to develop fundamental understanding of the behaviour of particles in fluid media

Characterisation of a dispersion protocol by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Highly agglomerated titanium dioxide nanoparticles

Highly agglomerated titanium dioxide nanoparticles

De-agglomerated titanium dioxide nanoparticles

De-agglomerated titanium dioxide nanoparticles


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