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High temperature degradation, chemical/moisture

High temperature degradationHigh temperature degradation - chemical/moisture 

NPL has a wide range of facilities for studying the high temperature degradation of materials. These include a range of furnaces capable of maintaining a controlled atmosphere at temperatures up to 1100 °C, thermogravimetric balances, high-pressure autoclaves and thermal cycling apparatus.

A range of test work is carried out for industry to evaluate material performance under aggressive conditions. These tests include:

  • Steam exposures tests at atmospheric and elevated pressure under isothermal conditions

  • Steam exposure tests at atmospheric pressure with the presence of a heat flux

  • Thermal cycling of coupons, thermal barrier coatings and tubes

  • Boiler corrosion simulations under controlled gaseous environments and deposits

  • Thermo mechanic fatigue

  • Carburisation and sulphidation tests

  • Characterisation of metal wastage

This high temperature work is complemented by our specimen preparation and microscopy suite, which enables accurate measurements and analysis of the degraded surfaces and alloys.


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