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Fatigue, thermal cycling, failure analysis

Fatigue, thermal cycling, failure analysisFatigue, thermal cycling, failure analysis 

Thermal transients are know to effect the performance of materials, here at NPL we have the ability the evaluate materials performance under isothermal and transient conditions. Test can be carried out on monolithic materials, coatings and coated substrates under isothermal or with thermal cycles. NPL has the capability to perform a range of tests of which the following is a small example.

  • Low cycle fatigue

  • High cycle fatigue

  • High temperature tensile and modulus measurements

  • Thermo mechanical fatigue of large scale coated and uncoated specimens, and small scale miniature specimens

  • Small punch creep tests

  • Thermal cycling of coatings with and without a heat flux across the coating

  • Stress relaxation

In addition, NPL has a range of microscopes which can be used for failure analysis, these include Scanning Electron Microscopes, calibrated microscopes and 3D microscopes.


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