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NPL offers a range of training opportunities in the field of electronic interconnects. The attached document describes the capability and the areas that NPL can offer training in.

NPL offers a range of training opportunities in the field of electronic interconnects (EI). The download below describes the capability and the areas that NPL can offer training in.

Download a presentation of the services that Electronics Interconnection at NPL has to offer Adobe Acrobat PDF file

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From extensive research over a long period we have established a range of training material.

Listed in the presentation are a number of tutorials that can be given in the classroom or in webinar format. Then, in a structured training environment, more suitable for a classroom format, NPL has cooperated with consultant, Bob Willis, to produce a range of training workshops.

The various subjects are listed in the download and below, but may be modified to suit your specific requirements:


  • Electronic assembly performance
    • Environmental Robustness: Measuring Performance Coatings and High Temperature Interconnects
    • BGA Reliability - The Effects of Solder Joint Voiding and Uneven Stand-Off Height
    • Tin Whiskers Evaluation Techniques & Benefits of Conformal Coating
    • Assessment of Re-terminated RoHS Components for SnPb Applications
    • Practical Applications for Printed Electronics
  • Analytical techniques
    • How to Test and Qualify Packages with Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
    • Cleanliness Assessment Using Solvent Extract and Ionic Extraction to Improve Reliability
    • Using Mechanical Testing to Diagnose Design, Product & Process Failures
    • Characterisation of Solder Joints, Test Methods & Typical Failure Modes
    • Using Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) to Qualify Production Processes & Materials
    • Solderability Assessment - Testing, Ageing & Practical Impact on Assembly Yield
    • X-Ray Fluorescence Testing Results with Laboratory & Handheld Systems
  • PCB issues
    • Effectiveness of Baking to Remove Moisture from Between PCB Ground Planes
    • CAF Conductive Anodic Filaments - How To Avoid Failure
  • Process tools
    • Guide to Temperature Profiling for Wave, Reflow and Selective Soldering
    • Benefits of Using Nitrogen During Soldering and Determining PPM Levels
    • Impact of Copper Dissolution in Lead-Free Manufacture with Different Alloys
  • Novel systems
    • Functionalisation and Applications of Nanomaterials for Electronic Applications
    • Reuse of Electronic Products
    • Practical Applications for Nano Electronics

Training and Practical Workshops

  • Cleaning Printed Circuit Assemblies, Design & Process Control
  • Package on Package (PoP), STACK Assembly, Rework and Inspection
  • BMC (Bottom Mounted Component) LGA (Land Grid Array) QFN (Quad Flat No-lead) Design
  • Printed Circuit Board Inspection and Quality Control
  • Practical Failure Analysis & How to Do it in Printed Board Assembly
  • Counterfeit Component Workshop- Causes and Cures
  • Troubleshooting Your Lead Free Assembly Yields - On Site or Offshore
  • Lead-Free Selective Soldering, Design, Quality Control
  • Vapour Phase & Convection Reflow - Selecting a Reflow Process
  • Conformal Coating Application and Inspection Workshop
  • BGA, CSP and Flip Chip PCB Design and Assembly
  • Flexible Circuit Board Design and Assembly with Lead-Free Alloys
  • PCB Microsectioning and Analysis of Failure Quality Standards
  • 0201 0155 Component Design, Assembly and Inspection
  • Basic Printed Circuit Board Manufacture and Process Defects
  • Double Sided Reflow Design and Assembly
  • Ball Grid Array Technology Design, Assembly and Inspection
  • Practical X-Ray Inspection of BGA and Quality Standards
  • Printed Board Design for Manufacture and Assembly in Lead Free
  • Pin in Hole/Intrusive Reflow Design and Assembly
  • Wire Preparation and Crimping Workshop
  • Lead-Free Assembly and Soldering
  • Hand Soldering and De-Soldering
  • Hands On Solder Paste and Stencil Printing
  • Quality Control of Surface Mount Assemblies
  • Hands On Wave Soldering
  • Static Control in Electronic Assembly
  • Design and Assembly of SMT Boards
  • Rework and Repair of Surface Mount and BGA
  • A-Z of Modern Electronic Assembly of PCBs
  • Reflow Soldering and Temperature Profiling
  • Selecting Solderable Finishes for BGA and Fine Pitch Assembly
  • PCB Microsectioning and Analysis of Failure Quality Standards


Please note that the information will not be divulged to third parties, or used without your permission