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Spatial mapping of PV conversion efficiency as a function of specific wavelength

Spatial uniformity contour map
Spatial uniformity contour map (colour refers
to the short circuit current) of a dye sensitised
cell. A 568 nm laser light was used as the probe.

NPL offers a measurement and testing platform with the broad goal of supporting UK development, competitiveness, and exploitation of photovoltaic (PV) technologies.

Research at NPL focuses on providing solutions to the key measurement issues which are limiting the technology and encompass all three generations of PV materials and devices. Specifically, interest lies in studying the structure-activity link in PV systems, i.e. relating material properties from the macro- to the nano- scale with the optical characteristics, both local and bulk.

NPL offers the facility of discrete wavelength current mapping utilising monochromatic wavelength radiation (generated by a suite of lasers covering much of the range between 210 and 1700 nm) to spatially map the efficiency of the PV active surface area as a function of specific wavelength, incident angle and intensity.


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Last Updated: 5 Nov 2015
Created: 8 Jun 2009


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