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The Oil & Gas Industrial Advisory Group (IAG) was set up to ensure that the corrosion research conducted at NPL is aligned with current and future industry needs.

Membership is free and representatives from each member organisation meet twice a year to review project progress, discuss industry requirements, provide valuable field data, inform project direction and advise on industry practice. Minutes and technical presentations from each meeting are distributed to members, along with all scientific papers, technical reports and industry guideline documents generated by the research. The IAG provides an invaluable technical forum for industry experts to come together and share best practice and field experience while keeping up to date with cutting edge research in corrosion and environment assisted cracking. New members are always welcome, particularly SMEs that may not have ready access to substantive research and testing facilities.

NPL's Corrosion team
NPL's Corrosion team

In addition to routine testing to inform materials selection, which is carried out according to relevant international standards, NPL supports the oil and gas industry through the development of novel test methods, including, for example, the drop evaporation test and the multi-electrode underdeposit corrosion test. This work is supported by government funding as part of NPL's remit to enhance the competitiveness and growth of UK businesses.

Working with NPL provides access to some of the world's most advanced research facilities for corrosion testing and material characterisation. NPL's research team has a combined 125 years' experience in corrosion science and engineering and has contributed significantly to advances in the fundamental understanding of corrosion processes and to the development of international standards for corrosion testing.

NPL is actively engaged in corrosion research and testing for a range of other sectors, including the power generation, aerospace and nuclear industries. The oil and gas sector benefits directly from the additional outputs and best practice disseminated from this complementary work.

A message from the IAG Chair:

"The IAG provides industry perspective to NPL in undertaking work to improve testing methods and where appropriate developing new ones. This ensures consistency when considering data from multiple sources besides providing input to BS, ISO and ASTM standards. The work also aids our understanding of the behaviour of various materials and the effect of different environments and surface conditions that arise in manufacture and fabrication.

The change in funding to free membership opens up the opportunity for a far wider range of companies to participate in these important aspects and to benefit from the knowledge obtained to be an industry leader, use latest operating practices and develop their products and market opportunities."

- Mike Lawrence, IAG Chair

Benefits of joining the IAG

  • Free membership
  • Steering research to meet your company needs
  • Early access to research outputs prior to publication
  • Access to NPL experts and experience across industry
  • Networking opportunities with industry colleagues


For information about how to join the IAG, please contact:

Dr Gareth Hinds
Principal Research Scientist
Electrochemistry & Corrosion

Tel: +44 20 8943 7147

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Created: 8 Oct 2015


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