National Physical Laboratory

Electrochemistry Research

NPL's multi-disciplinary Electrochemistry team undertakes ground-breaking research in measurement and modelling of electrochemical and charge transfer processes.
  • Understanding the behaviour of heterogeneous catalysts through state-of-the-art characterisation of structure and activity.
  • Corrosion is an all-pervasive phenomenon impacting every sector of industry, the infrastructure, and the general population as a whole.
  • Mapping the chemical activity of solid-liquid interfaces at the micro- to nanoscale.
  • NPL supports UK industry in the development of fuel cells with increased efficiency and durability using a combination of modelling and novel measurement techniques.
  • Innovative research to support materials and product development on performance (from nano- to macroscale), durability and large area characterisation.
  • Photovoltaic research at NPL focuses on providing solutions to the key measurement issues which are limiting the potential of new PV technologies, from materials through to manufacture.


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