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NPL's multi-disciplinary Electrochemistry team undertakes ground-breaking research in measurement and modelling of electrochemical and charge transfer processes.

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Corrosion and Environment Induced Cracking

Novel Approach to Validation of Thermodynamic Models for the Chemistry of Oilfield Environments
J. Abda, H. Davies, G. Hinds, A. Turnbull
Corrosion, 72, 587-597 (2016)

Microcrack clustering in stress corrosion cracking of 22Cr and 25Cr duplex stainless steels
L. Wickstrom, K. Mingard, G. Hinds, A. Turnbull
Corros. Sci., 109, 86-93 (2016)

Incorporating corrosion measurement in hip wear simulators: An added complication or a necessity?
A. Neville, J. Hesketh, A.R. Beadling, M.G. Bryant, D. Dowson
Proc. Inst. Mech. Eng. H, J. Eng. Med., 230, 406-420 (2016)

Effect of Pigging Damage on Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking of Corrosion Resistant Alloys
J. Hesketh, G. Hinds, R. Morana
Corrosion, 72, 439-448 (2016)

The influence of corrosion pits on the fatigue life of 17-4PH steam turbine blade steel
B.M. Schonbauer, S.E. Stanzl-Tschegg, A. Perlega, R.N. Salzman, N.F. Rieger, A. Turnbull, S.Q. Zhou, M. Lukaszewicz, D. Gandy
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 147, 158-175 (2015)

Small and short crack growth and the solution-conductivity dependent electrochemical crack size effect
S. Zhou, M. Lukaszewicz, A. Turnbull
Corros. Sci., 97, 25-37 (2015)

Influence of weld preparation procedure and heat tinting on sulphide stress corrosion cracking of duplex stainless steel
L. Wickstroem, G. Hinds, A. Turnbull
Corrosion, 71, 1036-1047 (2015)

Novel method for determination of pitting susceptibility in aggressive environments at elevated temperature and pressure
G. Hinds, L, Wickstrom, J. Abda, A. Turnbull, V. Smith, R. Woollam
Corros. Sci., 85, 33-41 (2014)

Impact of surface condition on sulphide stress corrosion cracking of 316L stainless steel
G. Hinds, L. Wickström, K. Mingard, A. Turnbull
Corrosion Science, 72, 43-52 (2013)

Environmentally assisted small crack growth
A. Turnbull, S. Zhou, M. Lukaszewicz
Procedia Material Science, 3, 204-208 (2014)

Corrosion pitting and environmentally assisted small crack growth
A. Turnbull
Proc. Roy. Soc. A, 470, 2014.0254 (2014)

The environmentally small/short crack growth effect
A. Turnbull
Corros. Rev., 30, 1-17 (2012)

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Interfacial Chemistry and Catalysis

Structure Sensitivity in Catalytic Hydrogenation at Platinum Surfaces Measured by Shell-Isolated Nanoparticle Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SHINERS)
S.L. Guan, O. Donovan-Sheppard, C. Reece, D.J. Willock, A.J. Wain, G.A. Attard
ACS Catal., 6, 1822-1832 (2016)

Extending the plasmonic lifetime of tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy probes
N. Kumar, S.J. Spencer, D. Imbraguglio, A.M. Rossi, A.J. Wain, B.M. Weckhuysen, D. Roy
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 18, 13710-13716 (2016)

Residual Porosity of 3D-LAM-Printed Stainless-Steel Electrodes Allows Galvanic Exchange Platinisation
J. Weber, A.J. Wain, H. Piili, V.P. Matilainen, A. Vuorema, G.A. Attard, F. Marken
Chemelectrochem, 3, 1020-1025 (2016)

Nanoscale Mapping of Catalytic Activity Using Tip enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
N. Kumar, B. Stephanidis, R. Zenobi, A. J. Wain, D. Roy
Nanoscale, 7, 7133-7137 (2015)

Microwire Chronoamperometric Determination of Proton/Oxygen Concentration and Salinity in High Ionic Strength Media
J. Weber, A. J. Wain, F. Marken
Electroanalysis, 27, 1-8 (2015)

Intrinsically Microporous Polymer Retains Porosity in Vacuum Thermolysis to Electroactive Heterocarbon
Y.Y. Rong, D.P. He, A. Sanchez-Fernandez, C. Evans, K.J. Edler, R. Malpass-Evans, M. Carta, N.B. McKeown, T.J. Clarke, S.H. Taylor, A.J. Wain, J.M. Mitchels, F. Marken
Langmuir, 31, 12300-12306 (2015)

Electrochemical Imaging of Hydrogen Peroxide Generation at Individual Gold Nanoparticles
M. A. O'Connell , J. R. Lewis, A. J. Wain
Chemical Communications, 51, 10314-10317 (2015)

Combined Electrochemical-Topographical Imaging: A Critical Review
M. A. O'Connell, A. J. Wain
Analytical Methods, 7, 6983-6999 (2015)

Mapping Electroactivity at Individual Catalytic Nanostructures using High Resolution SECM-SICM
M. A. O'Connell, A. J. Wain
Analytical Chemistry, 86, 12100-12107 (2014)

Scanning electrochemical microscopy for combinatorial screening applications: A mini-review
A. J. Wain
Electrochemistry Communications, 46, 9-12 (2014)

High-Resolution Electrochemical and Topographical Imaging Using Batch-Fabricated Cantilever Probes
J. Wain, A. J. Pollard, C. Richter
Analytical Chemistry, 86, 5143-5149 (2014)

Imaging size effects on the electrocatalytic activity of gold nanoparticles using scanning electrochemical microscopy
A. J. Wain
Electrochimica Acta, 92, 383-391 (2013)

Semi-hydrogenation of Alkynes at Single Crystal, Nanoparticle and Biogenic Nanoparticle Surfaces: The Role of Defects in Lindlar-Type Catalysts and the Origin of their Selectivity
G. A. Attard, J. A. Bennett, I. Mikheenko, P. Jenkins, S. Guan, L. E. Macaskie, J. Wood, A. J. Wain
Faraday Discussions, 162, 57-75 (2013)

Screening of Photoactive Dyes on TiO2 Surfaces Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
W. Kylberg, A. J. Wain, F. A. Castro
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116, 17384-17392 (2012)

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Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage

Tracking internal temperature and structural dynamics during nail penetration of lithium-ion cells
D.P. Finegan, B. Tjaden, T. Heenan, R. Jervis, M. Di Michiel, A. Rack, G. Hinds, D.J.L. Brett, P.R. Shearing
J. Electrochem. Soc., 164, A1-A7 (2017)

Characterising thermal runaway by inducing and monitoring internal short circuits within lithium-ion cells
D.P. Finegan, E. Darcy, M. Keyser, B. Tjaden, T. Heenan, R. Jervis, J. Bailey, R. Malik, N. Vo, O. Magdysyuk, R. Atwood, M. Drakopoulos, M. DiMichiel, A. Rack, G. Hinds, D.J.L. Brett, P.R. Shearing
Energy and Environmental Science, 10, 1287–1542 (2017)

Degradation study by start-up/shut-down cycling of superhydrophobic electrosprayed catalyst layers using a localized reference electrode technique
P. Ferreira-Aparicio, A.M. Chaparro, M.A. Folgado, J.J. Conde, E. Brightman, G. Hinds
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, 10626-10636 (2017)

Pneumato-electrochemical impedance spectroscopy applied to the study of polymer electrolyte fuel cells
E. Engebretsen, T.J. Mason, P.R. Shearing, G. Hinds, D.J.L. Brett
Electrochem. Commun., 75, 60-63 (2017)

Ex-situ characterisation of water droplet dynamics on the surface of a fuel cell gas diffusion layer through wettability analysis and thermal characterisation
O.A. Obeisun, D.P. Finegan, E. Engebretsen, J.B. Robinson, O.O. Taiwo, G. Hinds, P.R. Shearing, D.J.L. Brett
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 42, 4404-4414 (2017)

Characterising the structural properties of battery polymer separators in 3D using phase contrast X-ray tomography
D.P. Finegan, B. Tjaden, O.O. Taiwo, S.J. Cooper, J. Gelb, G. Hinds, D.J.L. Brett, P.R. Shearing
J. Power Sources, 333, 184-192 (2016)

Investigating lithium-ion battery materials during overcharge-induced thermal runaway: An operando and multi-scale X-ray CT study
D.P. Finegan, M. Scheel, J.B. Robinson, B. Tjaden, M. Di Michiel, G. Hinds, D.J.L. Brett, P.R. Shearing
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 18, 30912-30919 (2016)

Quantifying bulk electrode strain and material displacement within lithium batteries via high-speed operando tomography and digital volume correlation
D.P. Finegan, E. Tudisco, M. Scheel, J.B. Robinson, O.O. Taiwo, D.S. Eastwood, P.D. Lee, M. Di Michiel, B. Bay, S.A. Hall, G. Hinds, D.J.L. Brett, P.R. Shearing
Advanced Science, 3, 1500332 (2016)

Study of superhydrophobic electrosprayed catalyst layers using a localized reference electrode technique
A.M. Chaparro, P. Ferreira-Aparicio, M.A. Folgado, E. Brightman, G. Hinds
J. Power Sources, 325, 609-619 (2016)

On the actual cathode mixed potential in direct methanol fuel cells
M. Zago, A. Bisello, A. Baricci, C. Rabissi, E. Brightman, G. Hinds, A. Casalegno
J. Power Sources, 325, 714-722 (2016)

In operando investigation of anode overpotential dynamics in direct methanol fuel cells
C. Rabissi, E. Brightman, G. Hinds, A. Casalegno
Int. J. Hydrog. Energy, 41, 18221-18225 (2016)

Electro-thermal impedance spectroscopy applied to an open-cathode polymer electrolyte fuel cell
E. Engebretsen, J.B. Robinson, O. Obeisun, T. Mason, D. Finegan; G. Hinds, P.R. Shearing, D.J.L. Brett
J. Power Sources, 302, 210-214 (2016)

In-operando high-speed tomography of lithium-ion batteries during thermal runaway
D.P. Finegan, M. Scheel, J.B. Robinson, B. Tjaden, I. Hunt, T.J. Mason, J. Millichamp, M. Di Michiel, G.J. Offer, G. Hinds, D.J.L. Brett, P.R. Shearing
Nature Commun, 6, 6924 (2015)

Detection of Internal Defects in Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Lock-in Thermography
J.B. Robinson, E. Engebretsen, D.P. Finegan, J. Darr, G. Hinds, P.R. Shearing, D.J.L. Brett
ECS Electrochem. Letters, 4, A106-A109 (2015)

Towards more representative test methods for corrosion resistance of PEMFC metallic bipolar plates
G. Hinds, E. Brightman
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 40, 2785-2791 (2015)

In situ characterisation of PEM water electrolysers using a novel reference electrode
E. Brightman, J. Dodwell, N. van Dijk, G.Hinds
Electrochem. Commun, 52, 1-4 (2015)

Study of water accumulation dynamics in the channels of an open-cathode fuel cell through electro-thermal characterisation and droplet visualisation
O.A. Obeisun, Q. Meyer, E. Engebretsen, D.P. Finegan, J.B. Robinson, G. Hinds, P.R. Shearing, D.J.L. Brett
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 40, 16786-16796 (2015)

In situ mapping of potential transients during start-up and shut-down of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
E. Brightman, G. Hinds
J. Power Sources, 267, 160-170 (2014)

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