National Physical Laboratory

Quality Assurance

The provision of reliable quality information on the development of biophysical products enables end users to make informed decisions regarding the fitness-for-purpose of the data for their application. Tools, methods, data and procedures employed in the development of biophysical products are assessed. Provision of such information in a uniform and useful manner can be achieved through the implementation of robust quality assurance (QA) frameworks.

We are focusing on QA for Earth Observation (EO) for Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) and for carbon monitoring. NPL is also the secretariat for the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Quality Assurance for Earth Observation (QA4EO) framework, making it well positioned to design and implement effective QA systems for EO.

To effectively develop such systems which suit the needs of the community, the requirements of both the generators, and the users, of satellite derived biophysical products need to be understood. We are working to understand the requirements of the users, engaging with them to determine the types of QA information they require and how they would use quality assurance information, among other things.


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